Jet Jockeys

Stories about Pilots and the Planes they Fly

Created by:  Sherri Vance

Submitted by:  ChezChic Talent; TA000227472

Genre:  Reality/documentary/inspiring/educational TV series, with post-rendered effects

Plot: Flying | Theme: Dreams

Placement:  Network, Cable, or Over-the-Top. News departments that want one of this nation’s finest aviators on its media staff to contribute aviation and defense analysis, and provide expert commentary.  Prime time, family friendly, four quadrant.

Log Line:

Each week, following the breathtaking music video of flying sequences, Test Pilot and host Brett Vance showcases the lives of those who fly, their aircraft and their missions—past, present, and future—then closes each episode with an aspirational, motivating quotation. 

Tag lines:

The sun always shines on a fighter pilot.

The sky’s no limit.

My future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.